About Me

Élyse Deering

Hello! I'm Élyse Deering, a 19-year-old writer based in New Hampshire. You may also know me as Karli Élyse Daly, which is my legal name. I am a self-published author and my work can be found in multiple places such as literary magazines and books.

From a young age, I have always had a strong passion towards creative writing and from there I spent lots of time learning and adapting my writing style to reflect myself. I describe my writing as poetic, soft, and creative in nature.

Additionally I am an artist, and often seek to pair my writing with illustrations of my own. I tend to explore art through multiple different mediums as it would be impossible to limit myself to one.


Why do you use a pen name?

I have always wanted a name that was wholeheartedly my own. Names are something often given, and can change with marriage. As my pen name is connected to my art and writing, I wanted it to be something of my own creation, something that wont change under any circumstance. The first name, Élyse was derived from the middle of my legal name. The last name Deering is a beautifully classic surname I chose myself, it appealed to me due to its many meanings and relation to the word 'deer', a favorite animal of mine.

How many books have you written?

So far, only one. My book The Difference of Italic and Bold is a self-published novella available for purchase on Amazon. This first book has been published under my legal name, but I plan on rewriting it in the next coming years to better reflect my current writing style and name.

Do you only write poetry?

Not at all! Although I most commonly write poems, my book and all future books will be narrative based pieces with complex stories and characters. Fictional, creative narratives are my favorite thing to write followed by poetry.

How often do you write?

Everyday! Whether its a small poem written down in my notes app, or a new 10 pages added to a book, it is everyday that I am practicing the art of writing.

How can I contact you?

The best way to message me personally is to contact my email which is listed on the footer of every page, as well as links to my instagram and twitter.